How IWT facilitated communication and streamlined processes for Accolite Digital.

Success through Partnership ​

Due to weaknesses in its business systems, Accolite Digital experienced operating slowdowns. By collaborating with IWT, they were able to bridge the gap, streamline processes, and improve workflows, creating a system that was more effective and efficient.

Client overview

Digital product engineering, cloud and DevOps, data and AI, customer experience, cybersecurity, and design services are Accolite's areas of expertise. The company, which was founded in 2007, has a staff of over 3,000 technical, industry, and commercial specialists. It has offices across the world, including ones in the United States, Canada, and Europe, as well as digital laboratories in India. Design thinking and human-centered product creation are the foundation of Accolite's strategy for helping Fortune 500 firms address challenging business issues and establish enduring client relationships.

How IWT facilitated communication and streamlined processes for Accolite Digital.

Success through Partnership ​

"In order for businesses to continue to grow and adapt, their operational processes must also keep up. Unfortunately, Accolite Digital's processes were failing because of holes in its business systems, which led to delays and inefficiencies in all divisions. The business came to IWT for assistance in streamlining their operations and closing those gaps in order to address this issue.

Oracle Fusion was used by Accolite Digital's various departments, and Salesforce was used for customer relationship management. Even though the puzzle had all the proper pieces, it was still having trouble coming together. System flaws caused conflict amongst departments, making it challenging for them to maintain efficient processes. When they needed to improve and manage their systems effectively, they turned to a group of specialists.


The Managed Services of IWT

The business activities of Accolite Digital were powered by Oracle ERP, but the modules they utilised for finance and HR were giving them problems because of flaws in the system.

In order to provide customised solutions to match Accolite's changing business demands, IWT created a multi-country legal entities system on Oracle Fusion and worked on change requests for smaller and larger projects. By putting in place specified Service Level Agreements (SLAs), IWT made that Accolite's systems were constantly current and operating properly.

Integrating Accolite's HR procedures with its financial and CRM systems was one of the main hurdles the company faced. IWT took on issue head-on by using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) to automate the integration of employee data from Darwinbox to Oracle Fusion. For Accolite's legal entities in the US, UK, Canada, and India, they additionally deployed a number of modules, including Finance, Project Management, Oracle Time and Labour, and Procurement.

The timesheet process was streamlined and everyone was kept informed thanks to the creation of alert and notification systems for Accolite's employees and supervisors. Finally, they created reports that were tailored to each region's unique tax regulations for accounts payable and receivable bills for a number of locations.


The Difference Was Made Through Automated Process

Imagine doing away with the labor-intensive and prone to error process of manual data entry and intervention. Accolite succeeded in achieving that goal by using automated processes, which led to streamlined business operations and a significant increase in production. The company was able to invest more time and money on development and innovation.

Global Business Process Streamlining

Managing operations across numerous nations and regions can be challenging in a complex corporate environment. Accolite was able to eliminate roadblocks that prevented productivity by streamlining processes for several countries, multiple regions, and taxation-specific processes.

The user group at Accolite is now empowered to easily manage its procedures. The management of activities across several countries and regions has been easier thanks to the streamlined operations, which have also made it feasible to handle various tax rules and regulations.

with little downtime and effectively functioning systems

The team at Accolite Digital could concentrate on important business tasks and increase productivity and performance with systems that were operating efficiently and experiencing no downtime.