Product Engineering Solutions

The product engineering team at IWT is dedicated to keeping on the cutting edge of innovation and creating effective software solutions that elevate your company’s operations. At IWT, we focus on providing high-quality service and going above and beyond your expectations.

Use your knowledge and experience to uncover untapped opportunities.

At IWT, our team of strategists and technologists has the knowledge, the prowess, and the ambition to turn your idea into a useful solution that actually benefits your company.

Our clients are significantly moving their industries forward by utilising our next-generation product engineering and development practises. Our whole service offering—from custom web development to system engineering and software consulting—is geared to add as much value as possible to your company.

You can be sure that when you work with IWT, you are choosing a partner who is dedicated to giving you the finest value-added services. Get the most cutting-edge product engineering solutions by getting in touch with us right now to unlock previously unrealized potential.

What We Offer
Experience Design

We approach design from a human-centric perspective, putting the needs of your customers first. We recognise the importance of providing customers with intuitive and engaging experiences to increase their pleasure and loyalty. Because of this, our team of professionals focuses on user experience and interface design and uses cutting-edge consumer journey mapping methodologies to develop a thorough grasp of the wants and needs of your customers. Using this information, we can create personalised solutions that not only meet but also beyond your consumers' expectations, leading to higher customer retention and business expansion.

Cloud Application

We specialise in creating cloud-optimized apps, giving you scalable, dependable, and secure solutions that help your organisation succeed. Our cloud-agnostic applications are made to function flawlessly on a variety of cloud infrastructures, providing you the freedom to select the one that best suits your requirements. Our expertise can help you with the migration of legacy apps to the cloud in addition to creating new cloud applications.

Software Engineering

Our software platform development expertise ensures a seamless and effective user experience across a variety of systems. Because of the CI/CD and DevOps knowledge of our team, we can accelerate the delivery of high-quality software by streamlining your development procedures. By working together with IWT, you can take advantage of our software engineering know-how, allowing you to create a strong and adaptable software platform that can accommodate your company's demands both today and in the future.

Digital Applications

Our specialised digital solutions are created to simplify your processes and promote company expansion. With the help of our SaaS application development, you can provide your clients with unmatched software experiences, and our API development and integration services let you link and automate your digital ecosystem for increased accuracy and efficiency at every stage.

Technologies We Use

Digital Applications & Platforms

Our team at IWT works with you to create high-quality, scalable solutions for your company by integrating cutting-edge technologies like Java with AWS services and Microsoft Azure services. These platforms and apps include mobile and web-based applications. We create solutions that are cost-effective and offer scalability, high performance, security, integration, and accessibility.

Cloud Based Products and Platforms

We specialise in offering cloud-based services, like IWT and Azure, to help you create scalable, dependable, and affordable solutions for your company needs. We work hard to offer services that are scalable, dependable, secure, and reasonably priced.

Integration and API Development.

Using software with event-based services and stateless architectures built on cutting-edge technological platforms like Java Spring,.NET, and related technologies, our team at IWT specialises in effective integration and API development.

Platform Deployment and Support

With the help of Cloud DevOps and CI/CD, our IWT team can deploy platforms and support them for your company. In order to deliver software more quickly and reliably, we assist you in automating the deployment and management of software applications in the cloud.

What approaches do you employ when developing software?

In order to achieve project deadlines, we employ agile approach to quickly adapt to customer needs, reduce project complexity, and speed up development. In order to create software solutions that are in line with our clients' business objectives, we also stay in close contact with them. We can communicate and test regularly thanks to our agile strategy, which also enables us to make the required adjustments throughout the development lifecycle, producing a better final product.

What steps can be taken to control the cost of software development?

Cost savings can be greatly increased by implementing a structured project management approach, minimising project complexity, and applying Agile approaches. Task effectiveness and risk assessment are given top priority by our team to keep us on schedule, under budget, and without sacrificing the calibre of our job. All parties must regularly communicate and work together to identify and resolve any concerns, which will result in streamlined development and lower expenses.

What key factors to consider when choosing a product engineering solutions company?

Examining a number of important variables carefully is necessary to make the best decision regarding a partner for product engineering solutions. To ensure a successful cooperation, it is crucial to assess a company's experience, knowledge, customer service, and pricing policy. Evaluating a company's industry-specific knowledge and capacity to deliver scalable and secure solutions is equally crucial. Gaining important insights into a company's performance and degree of customer satisfaction requires not just collecting but also analysing prior consumer feedback and evaluations.

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