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Software Quality Assurance: Recognize, Remove, and Deliver

For any business, achieving customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Only a top-notch product will keep your consumer happy. Our software assurance services assist you in improving the quality and agility of software delivery to make sure it adheres to the appropriate quality requirements.

Testing methods used during the process include functional, performance, security, and usability testing. Before the product is made available to end users, we try to find and fix any flaws or problems. By utilizing contemporary methods, automation, and tools, we guarantee that the program is dependable, effective, and able to function under a variety of operating situations.

What we offer

You can plan and access your roadmap to create frictionless consumer experiences across platforms, channels, and devices thanks to our software assurance services. Let's examine the various software assurance services that we provide.

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Mobile and Web Application Testing

The fast-paced digital age has made mobile and online devices the target audience for any organization. To grow and keep their user base, businesses must develop perfect mobile and web applications and test them frequently. To assure the app's excellent quality and user acceptance, we do extensive functional, compatibility, integration, performance, and security testing of mobile and online solutions. We provide cross-platform mobile app testing and do application testing across many platforms.

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Manual Functional Testing Services

With our user-friendly manual functional testing, you can meet your product criteria and customer expectations. Identification of requirements, development of test designs, cases, and logging problems are all aspects of our manual functional testing. We have a variety of functional testing tools that have been demonstrated for their data-driven testing, script development, execution speed, recording capacities, and testing reports. By testing the software program from the user's point of view, our manual functional testing techniques make sure that it is simple to use and provides a satisfying user experience.

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Digital Assurance Testing

In order to verify the quality, dependability, and security of digital goods and services, our Digital Assurance Testing service provides a thorough approach to software quality assurance testing. This includes websites, mobile apps, e-commerce platforms, software programs, and other digital technologies. Different testing methodologies, including as functional, performance, security, usability, and compatibility testing, are used during our digital assurance testing.

Technologies We Use

Automation Testing

Utilizing automation tools and frameworks to run test cases and verify a software application's operation is a key component of our automation testing solution. To increase the speed, precision, and efficacy of the testing process, we combine manual testing with automation testing. The automation scripts are regularly run to find flaws or problems that manual testing missed. Various frameworks and scripts are used in our automated testing techniques, including:

  • Selenium
  • Aura
  • API Testing

    IWT's API testing ensures functioning while boosting productivity and cutting costs. Our API testing assures that your software applications are of excellent quality and meet consumers' needs faster and more effectively than any user interface test. Using the most recent techniques and libraries, our API testing services lower the cost of software testing and deliver findings more quickly. For API testing, we employ a range of technologies, including:

  • Postman
  • Jmeter
  • Swagger
  • Soap UI
  • Data Testing

    IWT's data testing services can guarantee data security, consistency, and accuracy. Our data testing solution focuses on examining the consistency, security, accuracy, and completeness of the data within a database or software program. We employ data analytics to glean valuable information from data and transform it into insights that can be put into practice. Our priority is to achieve exceptional data quality. In order to accomplish your business goals, we make sure that our data analytics testing is sufficiently automated and scalable.

    What role does software assurance testing play?

    Software assurance testing is essential since it aids in finding and removing bugs in the program before it is made available to end users. It makes that the program complies with the functional and non-functional specifications laid down during the software design and development process.

    What kinds of software assurance testing are there?

    Functional testing, security testing, performance testing, usability testing, regression testing, compatibility testing, and acceptance testing are some of the several kinds of software assurance testing.

    What advantages does manual functional testing offer?

    Testing professionals can find problems manually through functional testing that may go undetected by automated techniques. Additionally, it enables testers to assess the software's usability and user experience.

    What are some typical problems with API testing?

    Some of the typical issues in API testing include the complexity of API endpoints, the requirement to manage and maintain test data, the requirement to assure the security of the API, and the requirement to manage test environments and configurations.

    What is automated software testing?

    Software testing that uses software tools to run tests automatically is referred to as software automated testing. It entails automating repeating tests using test automation tools or developing scripts, then comparing the outputs to what was anticipated.

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