Create custom apps quickly that meet your needs, are highly effective, and are time-to-market compliant.

Mobile Application Development and Deployment

IWT will make your app experience simple. We are aware of how critical mobile presence is in the current digital environment. It's crucial to have an app that offers a smooth user experience and aids in building relationships with your audience. IWT provides cross-platform custom Android and iOS app development. With our mobile app development expertise on the Android and iOS platforms, you can turn your app vision into a reality from ideation to deployment. Our programmers make sure that your applications are created with future-proofing for your company in mind.

We have extensive expertise developing a variety of consumer-facing and enterprise mobile applications with a straightforward and intuitive user experience as a full-stack Android and iOS app development business. For a variety of use cases, including route matching, real-time analytics, video streaming, geotagging, and others, our developers have created apps.

What we offer

Our mobile app development services can assist you in creating secure, scalable digital solutions because we are experts in all things iOS and Android app development related. We offer a variety of services, from conception to implementation.

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UI/UX Design

Mobile apps are renowned for their easy and immersive interfaces. Your app's performance in the market is greatly influenced by its design. Our skilled designers concentrate in producing aesthetically pleasing and approachable app designs that support you in boosting user retention and engagement. Create an application that is well-designed, distinctive, and appealing to gain a competitive edge in the congested app market of today.

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Custom App Development

Our developers are skilled in creating scalable, reliable, and long-lasting mobile applications. You can construct an app that adheres to your objectives and specifications using IWT's custom app development services. Create an integrated, user-friendly software that draws and keeps more customers to get a competitive edge. For numerous businesses around the world, our custom apps provide improved integration, flexibility, and increased security.

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Multi-Platform Deployment

We are experts in the smooth creation and distribution of applications across many platforms. We make sure that your software complies with the standards and can operate on a variety of platforms, devices, and operating systems. Using technologies like Flutter and React Native, we have a lot of expertise developing digital apps for both B2B and B2C sectors and end consumers.

Technologies We Use

Android Native

Our developers at AWC use the following technologies to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience that enables users to navigate and interact with the app easily.. We have experts for the following SDKs/Platforms/Frameworks:

  • Java and
  • Kotlin
  • Google SDKs Firebase
  • iOS Native

    For the creation of iOS apps, our developers generally employ two programming languages:

  • Swift - Swift is a cutting-edge and potent programming language that is gaining popularity because of how simple it is to use and how well it performs.
  • Objective-C
  • Software development kits (SDK) and native development kits (NDK) for iOS
  • Multi Platform

    Without regard to the type or platform of a smart phone, your digital items and applications were created. Using one of the following, our multi-platform app developers may assist you in creating platform-neutral applications:

  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • What are the typical difficulties faced when creating apps for iOS and Android?

    Fragmentation, security, device compatibility, app store policies, and testing on many devices are typical difficulties encountered when developing Android and iOS apps.

    What constitutes an app development project's essential elements?

    UX/UI design, project management, programming, testing, and deployment are the main elements of an app development project.

    What is the procedure for submitting an app to the Apple App Store and Google Play?

    The procedure entails setting up a developer account, submitting the app for review, and fulfilling the standards set forth by the app store.

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