Technology-Enabled Business Transformation

IWT is a well-known supplier of software and IT services (whether it be business applications, cutting-edge apps, platform building, or digital services), providing top-notch solutions to numerous clients across continents. We successfully integrate technical expertise, in-depth domain knowledge, and a drive for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions.

With IWT Software, rule the digital world of tomorrow.

IWT Software recognises the significance of integrating cutting-edge technology into the commercial sphere for tech-savvy customers. We build technology that engages customers, keeps within predictable budgets, and scales for future digitalization demands by starting with your company prospects and using your needs as the inspiration for engagement.

We work with a wide range of clients to help them realise the full potential of cutting-edge digital technology so they can take advantage of business possibilities, enhance their profits, and have a better growth trajectory. Our professionals are exceptional at creating scalable, extendable platforms that enable businesses in a variety of industries, including travel, retail, education, finance, insurance, and more. We work to lay the groundwork for companies leveraging cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies that can make use of data and excite customers.

Who We are

Since our establishment as IWT Software in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, in 2006, we have carved out a position for ourselves as a provider of Oracle e-business solutions in addition to other things. After that, we kept expanding to support ISVs, digital businesses, and product firms, providing a full range of Microsoft and cloud technologies to the international business community.

By collaborating with Microsoft and possessing over 450 tech professionals, we have delivered digital success through scalable solutions, allowing for the quicker development and expansion of IT products. We are highly skilled at determining your company's technological needs, cutting costs, and introducing a solution that is focused on results.

For leading businesses, IWT Software has been a pioneering and reliable software and IT partner. With our help, protect your digital future.

Why Choose Us

Quality control

Our team makes sure we adhere to all standards and benchmarks for quality.

Delivery Agile

We are a dynamic company that uses agile delivery to suit changing consumer needs.

Build Client Value

We bring value to your end customers and deliver more than expected.