Streamlining healthcare finance and operations with the best IT expertise in Oracle EBS: How AWC has helped one of the biggest hospital brands in India.

HIS and Oracle EBS are integrated.

By optimising finances and operations, IWT Software has had a significant impact on the workflow transformation at Metro Hospital. To get real-time data updates, Oracle EBS was set up, implemented, and integrated with the hospital information system. The traditional system for purchase orders and receipts was bi-directionally integrated with Oracle EBS, which completely changed how the hospital operated and made it more patient-focused.

Client overview

For successful operation, the top hospital brands in India need effective software services. Hospitals require effective administration since they have a high scale of resources and services. To manage their operations, improve patient care, and promote overall productivity, hospitals rely on Oracle IT services from IWT.

The problem statement

"Huge amounts of data, such as patient records, billing details, inventory management, etc., are handled by hospital brands. It was difficult to manage and analyse this data effectively and securely, in part because the hospital brand has particular needs and customised workflows. As a result, one of India's most well-known hospital brands teamed up with IWT to use their incredible, specially designed Oracle ERP software to manage the operations and financial processes. This provided easy integration of centralised data for finance.

The smoothest process is critical for all hospitals. Despite modern conveniences, it might be difficult to meet all patient expectations and properly manage responsibilities. As a result, to address this issue and produce better and more fruitful outcomes, a well-known hospital brand in India sought the advice of IWT. To increase patient happiness and make sure the hospital brand has a bright future, this choice was chosen.


The Managed Services of IWT

One of the most well-known hospital brands in India has benefited immensely from the variety of solutions that IWT offered.

For numerous international legal organisations, IWT offered Oracle Fusion implementation services for a variety of modules, including finance, project management, Oracle time and labour, procurement, and others. These modules, such as Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), General Ledger (GL), Cash Management (CM), and Asset Management, are tailored to match the unique requirements of each nation.

The traditional system for Purchase Orders and Receipts was integrated with EBS. Moving POs and receipts through this system is done in both directions.

To achieve real-time data updates, all integration touch points with the Hospital Information System and Farsight were implemented.


Seamless automation

Hospital brands have automated the processing of POs and receipts using IWT Oracle software, improving the procurement process and minimising manual labour. This has resulted in processing times that are quicker, accuracy that is better, and enhanced supply and inventory efficiency.

Critical patient records, financial data, inventory management, and billing information may all be accessed in real time thanks to the ERP system's ability to combine data from many departments and systems. In this approach, all the information hospital staff requires is accessible from a single platform, eliminating data processing mistakes and delays and enhancing patient care.

Integrating data in real time

The real-time data integration between the ERP system and the Hospital Information System (HIS) is another significant effect of IWT Oracle software. With no lag in the availability of updated data in reports due to this smooth data flow, hospital brands are able to make knowledgeable decisions in real time. This has increased data precision and removed inconsistencies.

Successful communication

Better coordination and decision-making have been made possible by the hospital's many departments' increased communication and collaboration thanks to the integration of IWT Oracle software with HIS. This has improved operating efficiency, decreased administrative costs, and patient care.