How IWT Improved Indus Towers' Travel, HR, and Legal Procedures

Operational Excellence Journey

Due to weaknesses in its business systems, Accolite Digital experienced operating slowdowns. By collaborating with IWT, they were able to bridge the gap, streamline processes, and improve workflows, creating a system that was more effective and efficient.

Client overview

The goal of Indus Towers Limited, a telecom tower company, is to establish a statewide presence throughout India's 22 telecom circles. They offer cutting-edge infrastructure services and have more than 175,000 towers and 319,100 co-locations.


The problem statement

"Managing a business's operations becomes more difficult as it grows. Employee travel, HR documentation, legal case monitoring, and cost-cutting activities were challenging areas for Indus Towers Limited. These convoluted procedures caused incomplete records, delays in approvals, and the loss of key staff suggestions. Indus Towers Limited and IWT collaborated to improve productivity and success by streamlining workflows and developing an effective strategy to address these concerns.

Indus Towers Limited encountered numerous difficulties in effectively managing its business. These comprised:


AWC's Managed Services

We provided Indus Towers Limited with the tools they needed to overcome operational challenges and achieve increased efficacy and productivity because to IWT's expertise in PowerAutomate and SharePoint.

The IWT team used SharePoint to build a powerful Travel and Transport gateway in the face of the difficulties presented by employees travelling for a variety of reasons. PowerAutomate enabled smooth approvals within the system, cutting down on delays and allowing for real-time tracking. This enabled our client to organise activities and guarantee quick, effective transportation.

Our HR Document Management System, which is also built on SharePoint, offers a solution to the problem of document management for new employees joining the company by shedding light on maintaining the stack of documents. HR staff can monitor progress and make sure that all employee's documents are accurately recorded and accounted for by having the opportunity to upload documents in real-time.

By setting up a SharePoint Ideas portal, every employee was able to share insightful ideas. We created a strong system of approvals at several levels using PowerAutomate to make sure that only the most practical ideas are executed. With the use of this method, Indus Towers Limited was able to foster a culture of innovation and advancement while also cutting costs.

And last, the organisation found the IWT portal for tracking legal issues to be a priceless tool. This interface, which was created using SharePoint, made it simple to track legal matters from the point of origination through their conclusion as well as the related costs. The site made it possible for Indus Towers to remain ahead of the curve and address legal issues in a proactive manner, thereby reducing risk and increasing efficiency.


Streamlined Travel Administration

Prior to the establishment of the travel and transport portal, Indus Towers Limited had trouble managing trip requests because of their distributed workforce. Through a consolidated interface, IWT enhanced travel management by enabling effective tracking and administration of travel requests by employees and approvers.

HR Document Management That Works

Due to the lengthy manual processes required, Indus Towers was unable to manage HR documentation effectively, which resulted in delays and mistakes. Now that the human resources department has secure access to the platform, they can upload the employee-related documents more quickly and with more operational efficiency.

Streamlined Concept Execution

Without a streamlined process for putting approved ideas into action, Indus Towers Limited ran the risk of missing out on cost-saving opportunities, which may lead to losses in revenue. Now, thanks to our streamlined procedure and a systematic approach to implementing accepted ideas, Indus Towers Limited was able to reduce its operational costs and improve its financial performance.

Case Management in the Law

Before the launch of the legal case management platform, Indus Towers Limited had trouble centrally tracking and managing legal cases and operations. We provide a centralised interface as part of our solution, making it simple to keep track of and handle various legal matters and activities. The handling of legal cases was greatly enhanced by this streamlined procedure, which also improved the company's legal performance and decreased the danger of prospective legal problems.